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The following conditions of the Haus des Meeres-Aqua Terra Zoo GmbH, in the following text addressed as HAUS DES MEERES, are automatically accepted by the ticket-buyer, in the following text addressed as BUYER, during the ordering process:
After the company’s receiving of the order of one or more tickets and affirming your ordering the tickets via the HAUS DES MEERES, a contract of purchase of the ticket/tickets is being formed. The BUYER commits to immediately beginning the transaction of payment for the ticket or tickets. The payment is carried out up front via credit card.
After a successful transaction, the BUYER receives an e-mail on the previously used e-mail address, which contains the disposition of the ordered tickets as well as the price and the online ticket number. The purchased ticket/tickets will be ready for pick-up at a designated issuing office for 12 months after the company having sent the purchase order number.
For the first 2 years the HAUS DES MEERES guarantees the handing-over of the tickets without extra charge. After expiration of the 2 years period, the BUYER is obligated to pay the price difference between the prepaid tickets and the tickets sold at the time of collection, which can be found on the price board in the HAUS DES MEERES or the HAUS DES MEERES website.
The ticket/tickets transfer only takes place by customers handing over the printed-out mail with the online ticket number which was received during the ordering process, or in individual cases by announcing the online ticket number. The HAUS DES MEERES is entitled but not obligated to verify the identity of the BUYER by checking his/her official photo identification. The BUYER is responsible for the transmission of the ordering number and is not allowed to make any demands concerning the verifying process of the ticket collector.

The BUYER can resign the legal relations which lead to the conclusion of contract during a time period of 2 weeks. The resign can be carried out in written form without declaration of any reasons.  The time period starts on the day the ticket number is received. Punctual dispatch to our address HAUS DES MEERES, 1060 VIENNA, FRITZ-GRUENBAUM-PLATZ 1 suffices to comply with the time limit. We also accept a written resign via e-mail without declaration of any reasons, including the name of the BUYER, the online ticket number and the date of your ordering. After successful resignation the specific amount is immediately transferred to the BUYER’S bank account - the amount is non-redeemable in cash.
A resignation is not possible if the BUYER personally retained the ticket within the deadline and entered the HAUS DES MEERES.
The BUYER willingly accepts to occasionally receive information material of the company while his personal data will be treated confidentially and according to the terms of the data privacy act. 
The responsible place of jurisdiction for any conflicts emerging from this contract – as long as they are not violating any terms of the consumer law or any other statutory rules – is the appropriate court of the 6th district of Vienna. The court of the 6th district of Vienna is also the place of legal execution.

The summonable address of the HAUS DES MEERES – Aqua Terra Zoo GmbH is 1060 Vienna, Fritz-Grünbaum-Platz 1. The HAUS DES MEERES itself has the ability to litigate at every other legal place of jurisdiction.
The Austrian law is the exclusive governing law under exclusion of referring back to any foreign legislation.

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Contact us at:
Haus des Meeres – Aqua Terra Zoo GmbH
Fritz-Grünbaum-Platz 1
1060 Wien

Tel +43 1 587 14 17
Fax +43 1 586 06 17

Email: office@haus-des-meeres.at


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