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Facade Plans

The artistic facade painting from Oliver von Feistmantl

There have been countless ideas abot how to deal with the old gray, unsightly exterior concrete. Above all, the risk of crumbling concrete pieces must be quickly eliminated.

The city of Vienna has only taken care of the terrace areas which could cause immediate danger - we have to find solutions for the vertical walls.

There have been many ideas of remodeling, packaging (Christo) painting and design. We have been working on proposals for façade design together with Mr. Feistmantl with replacable printed plates for years.
This would provide security for the park visitors and guests of our house, without any needs of public funds.
As background of the temporary artistic intervention there would be used a picture of rising air of a diver. Only two sides of the tower are to be designed in this colorful and modern way.

The fact that our zoo is placed in a former Flakturm, we take into account the well-visited permanent exhibition "Remember inside" in our Flakturmuseum.

The monument protection for "our" tower was canceled already in 2003. Probably because there are 5 more "gray giants" in Vienna - most of them empty.

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