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250.000 Visitors

The high quality and the outcomes resulting from it,has brought us for the first time in year 2004 more than 250.000 visitors,and with that the 14th place in the hit list of Viennese attractions! With which many well-known and significantly better financially supported intitutes in the capital couldn't keep up.

As a result of great success in breeding animals,the number of our visitors has increased more than 70.000 in one year! To acheive that,we have extended the breeding facilities,and placed a quarantine office in the 6th floor for fishes,which enables us to let the animal and herbal planktons self-breed. Also our marmosets have got triplets!

There are three computers set up in the 4th floor with access to internet for all visitors,and in the 5th floor there's a big aquarium for our "live fossils",the horseshoe crab.Therefore there are altogether 6 floors available for visiting! And last but not least,the new entrance area is equipped with turnstiles and card readers,so that no further loss in revenue is possible to occur. Also our public announcement in December 2003 following the hot summer that year -which caused a decline in the number of visitors- brought back a lot of visitors to us,which left us a record of visitors in 2004.

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