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The enlargement of the tropical fresh-water branch

Curator Mag. Michael Köck has long been dreaming of this enlargement! During the works on the new add-on for the so-called "KrokiPark (Crocodile Park)", the opportunity to cut a passage to the visitor’s terrace into the ferroconcrete, popped up. This was our chance to enlarge and re-arrange the whole branch! Finally, by July 2007, a number of new aquariums had been added. Instead of our old-fashioned Tropical Greenhouse, we had a large new terrarium (according to the latest animal protection standards) for our fresh- water stingrays- thanks to the creative talent of Christian Scekacz and Mag. Michael Köck.

All in all, the water quantity of the fresh-water branch was tripled, and many new "water dwellers" added. A number of very rare fish species were having babies – very exciting news for us!

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