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The HDM Story

A click on the specific year of the time-bar above, will highlight the top activities of this period, starting with the year of 1957, when we were established.

In my second function as honorary president of the society since 1965, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues in the totally volunteer board of directors, who, along with me, took a high personal financial risk in funding the Tropical House and all other projects. I would also like to express my thanks to all members of our association, to the zoo exhibition managers, our staff and the team of the documentation and bookkeeping office. Thanks also go to the board and members of the society  Friends of the Haus des Meeres, organized by the president Mrs. Evelyn Kolar now aiming to become an important help for us with more than 400 members.

The Municipality of Vienna and the District offices deserve a special thanks, as they  guided us positively over many years.

Our staff of 37 specialists is 365 days a year present, to provide an interesting and pleasant stay for you in our Aqua Terra Zoo. To a great extend, they are responsible, that we topped for the first time 350.000 visitors at 2009 and positioned ourselves on 2nd place of privat sight- seeing institutions in Vienna.

All these previously stated facts led to the unique use of the 2nd world war anti aircraft gun and battle tower to a zoo with scientifically focused actions and a presentation of various animals to the public in the middle of Vienna. Furthermore we created a continues exhibition on the 10th floor, titled "Erinnern im Innern” which means "Remember what this building used to be during the war”. Impressive details arranged by historian Dr. Marcello La Speranza and the cuts from the famous nature moviemaker Manfred Christ, shows films of the war-newsroom of the bombing of Vienna during the dark parts of the history of Austria..

A heartily THANK YOU goes especially to all the Visitors, with 95% of their admission fees we continue to extend and improve our Aqua-Terra Zoo. Despite the occasional necessary adjustment of the ticket price, as we are a private institution without any governmental funding, we try to give you the most of information and presentation value.

We hope that you enjoy the stay at our Aqua-Terra Zoo and can observe the animals in their natural habitat and additionally get an overwhelming 360° view of our city from the 9th floor open air terrace. On the way down, you can taste a cup of Viennese coffee and cake in our cafeteria on the 4th floor and on the way out you will find a huge souvenir shop on the ground floor with a wide variety of little presents.

We ask you kindly to recommend us to all your friends and please COME AGAIN SOON


chief executive officer

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