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Vienna during the reconstructive years

It is impossible to mention all who helped us with the reconstruction up to the present day. However I would like to at least mention the past and present political accountable of Vienna city: Gertrude Fröhlich-Sandner, Ingrid Smejkal and Grete Laska who we would like to thank especially for her help with our first Tropical House. Our gratitude also goes to the civil servants of the magistrates responsible at the time, especially our provider of subvention, MA13 (Education and Extra-curricular supervision) and our current landlord MA34. In 1967 the subvention amounted to 50% of the annual budget and today, in 2008, just under 3%.

Our thanks would not be complete if we did not mention the help of the respective mayors of Vienna. We would especially like to mention Mayor Dr. Michael Häupl, who is responsible for our signs being erected in the underground stations and at bus terminals.

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