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Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Starmühlner passes away

During the last visit of our mayor Dr. Michael Häupl in June 2005,we first notified a change in Dr. Starmühlner. Ferry-as his friends called him-was always known to be communicative and eloquent, but was obviously not feeling well on this hot summer day. As I drove him home, I suggested to bring him to the hospital. He refused my offer; but promised me though,to consult his family doctor immediately. He spent the following months partly in hospital; after when he finally was at home,and taken care of, by his loving wife Edith and his "aunt".

On 2.2.2006, after a last supported walk, Prof. Dr. Starmühlner died in the arms of his wife. Eventhough his passing away could be expected by the course of disease, it still was a big shock and sorrow to us all.

All important dates and facts can be found in the News/Chronics part of the website. Our vice-president Prof. Dr. Radda has expressed our appreciation of the activities of Prof. Starmühlner in the related links. I have also expressed my personal impressions about this great researcher and teacher in adult education, in this report on the history of Haus des Meeres. He always showed a positive and affectionate character; was a great friend who used to tell me many stories from his long life as researcher.

In his many books,these stories are preserved not only for me; but also for all his friends and colleagues. And yet,not all by these reasons,but also for all his great efforts in years of working for Haus des Meeres,his honored memory lives on with us.

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