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Opening of the "Krokipark"

Our second Tropical Greenhouse "Krokipark" will open its doors to the public most probably on December, 17, 2007. It will be a new light-flooded home to our two crocodiles; maybe also "Bobby" from the animal protection centre will join the party. In any case, a lot of bird families, a Cottontop Tamarin, many turtles and other small animals will "move" to the park. Until then, enjoy the view of numerous beautiful trees and bushes from outside!

On the fourth floor, directly on top of the "Krokipark", we proudly present our new coffee shop, the "HAI SOCIETY INN" (which translates "Shark Society Inn"). The coffee shop offers our visitors a nice place to relax and have a snack. We are happy that the renowned gastronome Oliver Fraenckel agreed to manage the business.

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