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The Outside Staircase

Sometimes bureaucracy does not only cause high and unexpected expenses but also leads to exciting results. As the terrace was reachable only by elevator or through the main staircase, the authorities ordered another escape route. It was impossible to build the escape route inside of the building because of the radar funnel’s 3, 5 m ferroconcrete cleading. That is why there no more rooms on the right side of the staircase.

The only other possible solution was to build the outside staircase next to the Tropical Greenhouse. As the Alpine club has been using the lower part of the climbing park and was not ready to give it up, the outside staircase had to be connected to an already existing staircase on another floor. We chose the fourth floor where the construction work for the Coffee shop was already under way.

Conclusion: Today one can walk along the walls of the bunker from the Coffee shop up to the terrace or the other way round. The views from below the "martin’s nests" are breathtaking – but not recommendable for people with fear of heights!

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