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Research Awards

The Haus des Meeres supports research

For several years, young scientists have been supported with research awards. The "Ferry-Starmühl-Prize for support of Freshwater fish Research" and the "Rupert-Riedl-Prize for support of Marine Research in Austria" are awarded every year. Since 2015 the Hans and Lotte Hass Sea Protection Prize has also been awarded.

Research awards of the Haus des Meeres 2021

To download the brochure, please click here.

Research awards of the Haus des Meeres 2015

Also Within the Haus des Meeres Supporting Day there were research prizes awarded. The five-digit amount was given out in three categories: The "Rupert-Riedl-Award for support of Marine Research in Austria" was awarded to the University of Vienna's biologist Sara Schnedl. In her master thesis, she has investigated the changes of the shell and snail fauna of the North Adriatic over the past 10,000 years in order to demonstrate environmental fluctuations in the northern Adriatic.


The "Ferry-Starmühl-Prize for support of Freshwater Research in Austria" was awarded to Pablo Rauch from the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences. He has claimed to be able to predict with computer models on which river sections there would be suitable habitats for three particular domestic fish.

The third prize awarded for the first time by the Haus des Meeres in 2015, was the "Hans and Lotte Hass Meeresschutzpreis". It was given out to Dr. Pedro Frade from the University of Vienna for his research on the coral reef protection at the Caribbean island of Curacao.

The prize holders from the past few years researched for example massive die-offs on the seafloor of the Adriatic, the Omega-3 Acid in salmon from lakes of Lower Austria or the tooth imprint of goby.

The Haus des Meeres has given out the Rupert-Riedl-Award for support of Marine Research in Austria and the Ferry-Starmühlner-Award for support of Research for fish researches since 1.9.2008.

The "Ferry-Starmühl-Prize for support of Freshwater fish Research" was awarded to David Ramler, MMSc, Department of Limnology and Oceanography, University of Vienna in 2014. The theme of his work was: Seasonal course of the drift of selected domestic and invasive benthic fish along two different shores of the Danube.

in 2014, the "Rupert-Riedl Prize for support of Marine Research in Austria" was awarded to Nika Pende, Dep. Ecogenomics & Systems Biology, University of Vienna. The topic of the work was "The molecular identification and description of the life cycle of the huge ectosymbiont of Eubostrichus dianeae".

The "Rupert-Riedl-Prize for support of Marine Research in Austria" was awarded to the biologist Alexandra Kerbl in 2013, who litterally went on the the bobtail squids' nerves in her master thesis. For the first time she studied the squids' neural development with tomographic technique and documented the differences to the development of other "clever head-feet" - as for example. the octopus.

The "Ferry-Starmühl-Prize for support of Freshwater fish Research" was awarded to Paul Meulenbroek in 2013, a graduate of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. His final work documents the different fish communities in a branching river system in Central African Burkina Faso. His results should to help local fishermen to use these resources optimally. 

The Rupert Riedl Award 2012 was given out to Mag. Katrin Pretterebner at the beginning of June. The Ferry-Starmühlner Prize was awarded to Mr. Franz Loisl in October 2012.

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