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Do you want to support an animal?

Since 2008 there is the possibility to sponsor an animal. It doesn’t have to be one-year sponsorships, it can be for example only for one month. No matter if it’s for longer or shorter period of time, it can even be a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. On the top of it, it’s a nice support for us, a non-profit Zoo, depending almost only on the entry fees. Despite the fact, the zoo is one of the best ones in Europe!

Did you actually know that we are also very successful in science? Our team was lucky and achieved great results in the breeding program. Achievements in marine biology are seldom and therefore we’ve earned a positive international reputation as a Zoo. For example, we have managed to reproduce seahorses and Anemonefish (Clownfish), so called “Nemo”.

More and more animal-friendly people support us by sponsorship, to ensure the animals a „happy home“ and to make our Zoo a more adventurous and interesting place.
Your contribution help us to improve the environment for the animals and to support the zoological research.

The costs depend on what animal you want to sponsor, however you can become one already for  30,00/ month!

Brigitte Thill
0664 881 85 320

If you need more information about sponsorship, please don't hesitate and contact us!

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