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Domestic Freshwater Fish

In this section of the Haus des Meeres you can see domestic freshwater fish, scallops and crabs.

Two species of cyprinid fish - common barbel and common nase – are the two most found fish species in the Danube river in Vienna.

There are five species of sturgeon in the Danube, which are not found anywhere else in Austria anymore, except Sterlet.

Common zingel, streber, schraetzer, the danube ruff and the volga zander live only in the Danube river and the neighboring waters.

Wels catfish can grow over three meters, however these days such long exemplars are found very seldom.

The northern pike and common carp are with trout the most known species of domestic fish. Furthermore you can find our Chinese giant salamander “Alois” in the freshwater tank on the 6th floor.

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