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2022-05-26 04:18 |
Logo Haus des Meers - Aqua Terra Zoo

Shark Tank

Size: 300.000 liters

Costs: ca. 1, 3 Mio. Euros

For the construction of this aquarium that opened its doors for the public in 2007 and stretches over two floors, a huge piece of concrete had to be cut out of the bunker. For instance, parts of the ceiling had to be removed. Even a special slot of 6x1 m was cut into the 2,5 m wide wall (due to the high costs, insiders call it "the slot of the piggy bank"). This slot was definitely necessary in order to be able to move the long girders and glass panels into the building. The nine aquarium glasses with a height of over 5,5 m are between 8 and 12 cm wide and weigh 13,8 t. Another 75 t of steel were used for the substructure.

Austria’s biggest aquarium is dedicated to the memory and amazing lifework of two diving pioneers, Prof. Dr. Hans Hass and his wife Lotte. It is their achievement that sharks are no longer considered killing machines but rather an important part of the eco-system of the oceans.

In this basin, Blacktip- and Whitetip sharks, as well as Bamboo sharks coexist with various kinds of fishes of all sizes.

In addition, this aquarium is home for our ocean turtle "Puppi".

Puppi, our foundling, was brought to Europe by a lady who had saved it from a fish market in Asia. She had no idea, how huge these animals can grow: 1,5 m of length, 100 kg of weight and the Methuselah age of possible 100 years surprised her. Few years later she brought the turtle to Vienna because of its enormous size and handed it over to the HdM in the 1980s. Puppi has been with us for many years and has been one of the motors of our expansion, as she was one of the reasons of the construction of all larger basins.

Now the ocean turtle Puppi and the sharks enjoy the great view over Vienna - just like a real Viennese.

In April 2011, our puppy got a prominent sponsor - the former mayor of Vienna Dr. Ing. Michael Häupl.

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