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Tropical Freshwater Fish

Piranhas are predators living in shoal, feeding mainly on fish, preferentially the sick or injured ones. In this way they prevent spreading of plague – they are something like health police.
There is no danger for humans to swim in areas where piranhas live, as there has never been an evidence of an attack or even death caused by them. A bite is all what can happen.
Indians fish piranhas for food and use their strong and sharp teeth as scissors or razor.

Tropical rivers and lakes are home for various small and tiny fish living in shoal. Neon tetras and Dwarf rasboras can be often seen in home aquariums, mainly because of their size and colorfulness.

The banjo catfish and the twig catfish imitate wilted leaves and branches to hide from predators.

About forty species of splitfins (or goodeidae) inhabit an area in the middle of Mexico. They are viviparous – they have special organs on belly with a similar function like the umbilical cord and placenta by humans.
Two species live only in aquarium and one other species became extinct.

Rays, close relatives to sharks, belong to cartilaginous fish and live almost only in seas.
These freshwater stingrays have a venomous stinger on the tail, however they use it only for defence.

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