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Entry fees/tickets

How much cost the admissions for (e.g.) 20 students and 2 supervisors, etc.?

Read more about entry fees here: Ticket prices.

Are there group tickets?

No, we do not offer a group ticket. However one supervisor per 10 paying customers receives a free entry (valid also for school classes, travel groups, etc.). Why is it that way? Because we are a purely private and non-commercial company; we do not receive governmental subsidies - therefore we have to rely on revenues from ticket sales and cannot easily grant discounts. Nevertheless we have special offers like i.e. the cheap annual ticket or the discount for seniors on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Discounts: Why are there no discounts e.g. discounts for seniors on weekends or holidays?

Of course seniors are seniors also on weekends and holidays. We appreciate your understanding that particular tickets are not valid on every day of the week. We try to make concessions for all our visitors - e.g. with our special offer for seniors on Mondays and Tuesdays when groups receive an additional discount on the already reduced senior ticket!

Can I receive a receipt for already paid tickets?

Of course! Please notify our staff at the ticket counter when buying the ticket(s) and you will receive a receipt right away. Asking for it later is more complicated.

Can I buy entrance cards as a gift coupons?

Yes, directly at the ticket counter. You have to mention you want a voucher, otherwise the ticket will only be valid on the date of issue. Another option is to buy online tickets so that the presentee can pick them up at the shop counter whenever desired (in exchange for the online ticket number). Those are also valid for a longer period of time (the tickets do not have to be validated on the same day as purchased). Those who already have tickets may escape queuing at the ticket counter.

Is it possible to give my annual ticket to someone else e.g. my neighbor, so that she can visit the Haus des Meeres with my children?

That is unfortunately not possible! Annual tickets are exclusively for personal use and cannot be handed on others. This is also the reason why ask for your date of birth - then you don't need a photo on the annual ticket. Unfortunately, in the last years there were many cases of inproper use, as tickets were handed on relatives and friends. We appreciate your understanding for random ticket check. We are – as already said – non-commercial complany, completely without governmental subsidies and as therefore rely on a revenue from entry fees.

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