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Feeding times & more

What can you expect from our shark feeding?
Monday 10.30 am & Wednesday 3 pm & Friday 3.30 pm

In the big shark basin (on the 4th and 5th floor), you can find black tailed sharks, white tailed sharks,  morays, blowfish, countless other fish and our famous ocean turtle named “Puppi”. While we are feeding the fish you can have a closer look at them.

Piranha feeding – Tuesday 3 pm

If you want to you can watch the piranha feeding on the 2nd floor (vis-à-vis the elevator) at 3 pm and assure yourself that piranhas are not as bloodthirsty and aggressive as portrayed.

Samstag 09:30 Uhr 

Einmal pro Woche findet im Krokipark im 2. Stock die spektakuläre Fütterung der seltenen Sunda Gaviale statt. 
Einer unserer Guides wird natürlich auch dieses besondere Erlebnis kommentieren und gerne Fragen dazu beantworten.

“Grasp” nature
Wednesday 2 pm

which you can literally do!
Who wants to touch a shark’s tooth or skin without being in danger?
Who wants to look into a piranha’s mouth?
Who wants to know how a tortoise shell looks from the inside and how it is built?

Place: Viktor-Otte-Saal on the 10th floor

Reptile feeding
Thursday 7pm & Sunday 10 am

Every Thursday at 7 pm and every Sunday at 10 am there is a reptile feeding on the 1st floor of the Haus des Meeres. You can watch poisonous snakes and constrictors when fed.

Diving with the sharks
Thursday 6 pm

Here a zookeeper will take a dive in our shark basin in order to demonstrate the audience that sharks are no blood-thirsty monsters. At this opportunity, we will also inform visitors that sharks are an endangered species and need to be protected. 
You can also ask the diver directly before and after his diving whatever you want to know yourself. (shark basin on the 4th and 5th floor)

Friday 2 pm

The new microscope show at the Haus des Meeres. 
Have you ever seen baby jellyfish, the eyes of a starfish, spike filled with poison or one-eyed Cyclopenkrebse live? This and so much more can be seen on the big screen whilst sitting on a comfortable chair and listening to the audio-commentary of an animal specialist. 

With this presentation we aim to show our visitors parts of the microscopic sea world. 
Place: Viktor-Otte-Saal on the 10th floor

All dates can be found daily in our event calendar.

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