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Online Tickets

If you buy tickets online, you will receive them as PDF by email (on the email address you fill in the form below) up to one hour after a successful purchase. When visiting the Zoo - you can go directly to the entry gate, no need to stand in the line at the ticket counter.

Tickets are valid for 30years, we guarantees to accept the tickets at no extra cost for the first 24 months after the date of purchase; for additional years the difference in price, if any, between the price paid in advance and the price for a ticket of the relevant category as stated on the notice board at Haus des Meeres and/or on the Haus des Meeres website at the time of collection shall be payable.

We offer following ticket categories:
•    Adult
•    Pupils
•    Child
•    Small child

Please note that kids below the age of 14 have to be accompanied by an adult.

All other tickets (e.g. annual ticket) are available directly at the ticket counter.

Please, select the desired number of tickets and fill in the form below. After a successful payment (currently possible with Visa and MasterCard) you will receive an e-mail. Due to the unified law (EU consumer rights for online purchase) since mid-2014, we offer the possibility of buying a ticket online to all EU citizens.
Please be aware of the house rules.

Description EUR Amount
Adult 20,90
6-15 years
Children until 14 y. must be accompanied by an adult.
Small children
3-5 years
Pupils older than 15 years 15,60

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