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Artwork on the HdM

The writing “SMASHED TO PIECES (IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT)” on the HAUS DES MEERES? Where does it come from?

It was made by Lawrence Weiner (* February 10th, 1942 in the Bronx, New York City; lives in Amsterdam and New York) who is a US-American performer of the visual arts. Weiner counts as one of the most distinguished representatives of conceptual art derivative of minimalism) among Sol LeWitt, Dennis Oppenheim and Joseph Kosuth.
1991 during the “Wiener Festwochen” this Anti-War-Slogan (SMASHED TO PIECES IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT/ZERSCHMETTERT IN STÜCKE IM FRIEDEN DER NACHT) from Lawrence Weiner’s project has been applied to the front of the flak tower in German and English. Source: Wikipedia, 10/08/2009 Art on Flak Tower

“One of the most distinctive pieces of art in public space is renewed: Lawrence Weiner’s writing on the Flak Tower Esterhazypark has been renovated. “Smashed to Pieces (In the Still of the Night) can be read one one side of the concrete bunker. On the opposite side the German translation “Zerschmettert in Stücke, im Frieden der Nacht” is found. By this work of art, the meaning of the flak tower has been reinterpreted: it changed from a symbol for national socialism to a monument against war and fascism – as explained by Kulturstadtrat Andreas Mailath-Pokorny.”

Source: Wiener Zeitung, www.basis-wien.at, 24/06/2005

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