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Sanctuary Prof. Dr. Kurt Kolar Pflegestation

The "Blaue Kreis" – Austrian zoological Organization of Animal- and Species-Protection supervises ( on the 6th floor of the Haus des Meeres)  the Prof. Dr. Kurt Kolar Animal shelter for confiscated and exposed animals.

 In this station all sorts of exotic animals are admitted due to borderline delinquency or inadequate living conditions due to negligent owners. Also there are reptiles which have been caught on the street. These animals all gain a new home in the animal shelter run by supervisor Evelyn Kolar. The shelter has been designed to accommodate various sorts of animals; from Tarantulas and scorpions to turtles and snakes (including poisonous ones!). Currently the “Green Iguanas” are causing big problems in the support-station.

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