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Remembrance from within

As advertised we have expanded the existing "Air defence tower” exhibition, which opened on the 7.11.2007 by opening our small museum on the 4.6.2009.  Once again the President of the Vienna city school board gave us the honour of opening the exhibition in the two rooms on the 10th floor of the tower. Curator Dr. Marcello La Sparanza rebuilt the old Command room and an air-raid shelter room using his own, as well as recovered, artefacts within the tower. The known Universum filmmaker Manfred Christ produced a short film of an air raid, revealing the past use of the "Air defence towers”. The film can be watched in the rooms of the museum during the tour. An oppressive contemporary documentation! The exit onto the roof terrace brings a sigh of relieve.

For now only guided tours can visit these rooms.

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