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Haus des Meeres – Aqua Terra Zoo

Have you ever dreamed of walking through the Atlantic? Ever fancied a trip to the largest and most poisonous lizards in the world? How about a jungle adventure in the middle of Vienna? Well, we have good news for you! You can do all of this and much more at the Haus des Meeres! Originally an anti-aircraft tower from World War II, it is now a zoo with over 10,000 animals resulting from almost 7 decades of dedicated scientific work. Here you can admire a variety of animal species on 11 floors: sharks, rays, turtles on water and on land, lizards of all kinds, snakes, salt and freshwater fish, birds, flying foxes, various monkeys, insects, and a whole lot more…

Turtle Puppi

In addition to the zoo experience, you can also look forward to a fantastic view from our roof terrace and culinary delights in our 360° OCEAN SKY rooftop restaurant. The house serves as  a venue for events of all kinds and even offers its own cultural program. Visit the Haus des Meeres – there is so much to discover! 


Haus des Meeres präsentiert: Frau Mungo - das EM-Orakel 2024

Haus des Meeres präsentiert: Frau Mungo - das EM-Orakel 2024

Das Haus des Meeres freut sich, ein ganz besonderes Highlight für die Fußball-Europameisterschaft 2024 zu präsentieren: Frau Mungo, eine weise ...
Gold für das Haus des Meeres!

Gold für das Haus des Meeres!

Das Haus des Meeres wurde bei der diesjährigen Preisverleihung des Green Marketing Awards in der Ballonhalle in Wien mit Gold in der Kategorie "be different!" ausgezeichn
World Ocean Day 2024

World Ocean Day 2024

Am 08.06.2024 findet auch dieses Jahr der von den Vereinten Nationen 1992 initiierte Welttag der Ozeane statt.
Pride Month im Haus des Meeres

Pride Month im Haus des Meeres

Der Pride Month Juni ist auch im Haus des Meeres bunt, denn unser Haus steht für Diversität, Offenheit und Vielfalt!
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Today, 15.06.2024
09:00 am – 08:00 pm
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Flak tower in the 6th district


The Haus des Meeres is located inside a former World War II flak tower – and that's just one aspect of our extraordinary story! The history of our zoo begins in 1957: Travel with us through time, get to know important Haus des Meeres personalities, marvel at historical photographs and documents and follow the development of the zoo's scientific work.

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Haus des Meeres with new extension

Facts and figures

The Haus des Meeres Aqua Terra Zoo has seen many extensions and new buildings since it opened its doors in 1957. Today the former flak tower boasts a completely different look. In the past, one could hardly tell from the outside appearance how colourful and lively the inner workings of the tower were.
The latest developments and animals can be found here.

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Guided tours & experiences

Exciting tours with our expert guides will give you new insights into our exotic animal world. Learn amazing animal facts and fun anecdotes about our diverse residents.

Animal feeding


Experience a special dinner date: watch our animals hunt for the best treats while listening to the explanations given by our guides. Feedings are always fun and great to watch!

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Digital discovery tour

Now you can also discover the Zoo interactively. Scan a QR code with your smartphone, solve exciting puzzles and challenges and playfully explore the house and its world of knowledge. A modern way to learn more about the animals and their abilities