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Fun and games

Here you will find everything you need to drive boredom away!
Maybe you would like to turn yourself into a shark with lots of sharp teeth with a self-made mask or help Paul the octopus get through the maze to get to his delicious shrimp.
Lots of crafting ideas, puzzles and games are just waiting to be discovered!


You love puzzles and the inhabitants of the Haus des Meeres? Perfect! You can make your own underwater animal puzzle yourself with these templates!

Puzzle 1

Puzzle 2

Riddles & puzzles

First left, then right and then left again. Or was it the other way around? Phew, a labyrinth can be quite confusing! Sometimes the animals skilfully hide in a jumble of letters – can you help us solve these tricky tasks?

Classic maze

Puppi Maze

Underwater Tangle

Koi mess

Reptilian Confusion (6 terms, German)

Reptilian Confusion (12 terms, German)

Spot-the-difference puzzles - Moray eel

Spot-the-difference puzzles - Corals

Crafts & Painting

If you are on the lookout for a cool gift packaging, then look no further!

Treasure chest

It doesn't matter whether it's playing catch, hide and seek or "I spy", these funny little guys like to play colourfully. Colour them in and create your own puppet show with them. Of course, you can also let your imagination run wild and invent characters yourself.

Small fish


Transform yourself into animals of the Haus des Meeres: Our DIY masks don't keep you from getting sick – but protect against boredom! Simply print, colour and cut out. Have fun!

Shark mask

Monkey mask

Octopus mask

Template seahorse


Classic games reinterpreted – fun for the whole family!


Underwater Sudoku

Wow, what a mess. And now the pictures are upside down too! How are you supposed to find the right pair? Maybe you'll manage to reunite the matching pictures! And don't forget, whoever has the most pairs wins! Good luck and above all, have fun searching!

Memory 1 (German instructions)

Memory 2 (German instructions)