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Organisation of the Haus des Meeres

The Haus des Meeres was founded in 1957 as the "Society for Marine Biology". The association was later renamed "Haus des Meeres – Vivarium Wien" and finally "Haus des Meeres – Aqua Terra Zoo". For 55 years, the private association was directly responsible for running the zoo. In 2013, the non-profit "Zoo GmbH" was established which now shares the responsibility for running the zoo. This GmbH/limited company was founded by the association and transferred to the new non-profit Haus des Meeres private foundation. Also in 2013, the Haus des Meeres Betriebs GmbH was integrated. 

The aim of the non-profit private foundation is to enable visitors to experience sensitive biotopes in the biosphere as close to nature as possible. The purpose of the foundation is to guarantee that the zoo and its facilities can be constantly modernised and adapted to all requirements! The 3-member voluntary foundation board has been supported by an advisory board since 2018. 

The former "Society for Marine Biology" now bears the name "Association for Science and Research". 

Grüne Meeresschildkröte schwimmt

Zoo GmbH

The Haus des Meeres Zoo GmbH is the operator of the Aqua Terra Zoo and is committed to ensuring that the animals are kept in an animal-friendly manner. The focus of the scientifically recognized Aqua Terra Zoo is the care and breeding of the animals, a varied and informative zoo area, knowledge transfer and raising awareness for nature and species protection, as well as cooperation with other research institutions. 

Haus des Meeres im 6.Bezirk in Wien

Betriebs GmbH

The Haus des Meeres Betriebs GmbH supports the Zoo GmbH in technical and commercial matters, along with making the stay of the visitors of the exhibition as pleasant as possible. Betriebs GmbH manages the building, is responsible for the technical expansion and maintenance, implements marketing activities, not to mention events and the cultural program, runs the restaurant and café, as well as the shop and the flak tower museum.

ISO certification 

Both the Haus des Meeres Zoo GmbH and the Haus des Meeres Betriebs GmbH hold 5 ISO certificates:

  • quality
  • fire protection
  • occupational health and safety
  • environment
  • energy

Thus, all operationally relevant certificates are available! 

All areas of our company are therefore authorised to make their contribution to the implementation of quality, environmental, energy, health, safety and fire protection policies, the achievement of goals and the implementation of the relevant company principles. 

ISO 9001:2008, ISO 45001:2018, TAC STANDARD 16000:2008, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 50001:2018

Code of Conduct 

The Code of Conduct summarises laws and other rules and provides guidance. As a binding guideline for legally compliant and ethically responsible action in our company, the Code of Conduct also defines the standard for responsible behaviour towards business partners and the public, but also in dealing with each other within the company. Everyone in the company – employees, the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board – is obliged to comply with the principles laid down in it.