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Until 2012, the organization Haus des Meeres-Aqua Terra Zoo was responsible for the operation of the whole Zoo. It was founded in 1957 as a company for marine biology. The name has always been adapted to circumstances. Another change of name followed in 1974 to Haus des Meeres-Vivarum Wien and in 2007 it became Haus des Meeres – Aqua Terra Zoo.

In the course of the structural reform it has been renamed to Haus des Meeres-Science and Research in 2013.

The agenda of the Zoo were taken over by the Haus des Meeres-Aqua Terra Zoo GmbH, which has coexisted since 2007 with the Haus des Meeres Betriebs GmbH. Both of them has been integrated into newly founded, non-profit organization the Haus des Meeres – Privatstifftung.

The association returned to its original task – marine biology research. A new board was elected and the statutes were accordingly adjusted.

EM. Univ. Prof. Dr. Alfred Radda, the long-standing vice president (see the detailed report from 11.7.2013 in "History") - took over the presidency and Univ. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Herndl (Department of Marine Biology and Zoology at the University of Vienna) became the new vice president. He is Wittgenstein Prize winner and since October 1 2014, dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences. On May 18, 2016, Univ. Prof. Dr. Walter Hödl overtook presidency and Mr. Univ. Prof. Dr. Alfred Radda remained a president of honour.


President                                           Vice-president
Univ. Prof. Dr. Walter Hödl                Univ. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Herndl

Record-keeper      Emil Benesch           
Deputy record-keeper   Gerald Six
Treasurer   Markus Baier
Deputy treasurer   Willibald Stuppan
Accountant   Gerhard Fritz
Accountant   Karl Kolar
President of honour   Franz Six


Franz Six remains the president of honor with a seat and a vote. He held the position of the General Manager for 37 years until the structure has changed and the position has been determined.

The association concentrates on scientific projects again – (also in co-operation with the University of Vienna) - and is trying to find a way so that sponsors can deduct the donations from the tax.

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