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School classes

We will arrive with a group of children – where can we take a break?

You can take a rest in the Viktor-Otte Saal which is located in the 10th floor.

How much does a guided tour cost and how can I get one?

Guided tours are available for groups of aprox. 20 people – be they school classes, a group of seniors, etc. Only entry fees have to be paid, the guided tour itself is for free! Please call 0664/544 08 20 scheduling your tour. Read more here.

Why is it so important to read and follow the house rules?

All group supervisors receive a print-out of the house rules at the ticket counter. Having to talk your students/group through them may seem exhausting to you, but it actually is very important. We experience incidents on a daily basis e.g. our staff has to separate brawling children, smaller children are knocked down, other visitors have to wait longer at the elevator because the buttons for all floors are pushed, bottles and stones are thrown from the roof terrace, or park visitors are spat on. Dear supervisors! We kindly ask you not to leave your group unattended! We want you to enjoy your stay at the Haus des Meeres, as well as all other visitors!

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