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Solar plateau

Welcome to our solar plateau! 

Have you climbed all 11 floors of our house, explored our colourful animal world and treated yourself to a snack in one of our restaurants? Then take the last steps that will lead you all the way up to our solar plateau: 202 photovoltaic modules have been shining on our roof since autumn 2019; with these the Haus des Meeres and Wien Energie send a strong signal for climate protection in the city and instill environmental consciousness for the use of required resources. In a spectacular installation at a height of 56 metres, innovative bifacial – i.e. double-sided – glass-glass PV modules were installed by Wien Energie. These generate energy not only from above, but also through indirect light irradiation from below. 

Enjoy the view from this unique vantage point in the city! The plateau can only be visited as part of a guided tour, all information can be found here.

Aussicht Haus des Meeres
Solardach Haus des Meeres